Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long have you been crocheting/writing patterns?

A: Almost 40 years crocheting! My grandmothers both taught me to crochet when I was a little girl, but until my mid 30s, all I ever made was afghans. In November of 2010 I got back into crocheting and within a few months I was tweaking patterns, then writing my own. I still find that I am constantly learning as I go.


Q: Where can I find your books?

A: My books are available in craft stores like Joann's, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby and also in book stores like Barnes & Noble. You can also find them online through Amazon, Books-A-Million, Indiebound, Book Depository, etc. They are also in some yarn catalogs like Knit Picks Yarn. See more info for Crochet Style and Baby & Kids Crochet Style on their separate pages. All of the patterns in my books are also sold individually through my pattern shops.

Q: Which of your patterns are your favorites?

A: I edit this answer once in a while because my favorites change over time. Right now my most favorite pattern ever is the Making Waves Beanie. I could make that one over and over again. Some of my other favorites are: Thunderstruck Beanie, Charisma Beanie, Chinook Braided Cable Beanie, Spiral Herringbone Beanie, and Diagonal Weave Beanie or Newsboy. I tend to like the heavily textured patterns the best.

Q: What are your favorite brands of yarn?

A: I personally prefer yarns that are approximately 50/50 blends of cotton and acrylic. Because my designs are all about texture, I want the stitches to be clearly defined. I find that the stitches really stand out with cotton and the acrylic makes the finished piece softer and lighter. I also use acrylic/wool blends. Some of my favorite brands have been discontinued but I'm still using them as I have a bunch left in my stash. My favorite #4 worsted weight yarns are: Lion Brand Cotton Ease (discontinued), Hobby Lobby Baby Bee Hushabye (discontinued), Euro Baby Babe softcotton worsted, and Plymouth Yarn Encore. Some of my favorite #5 chunky weight yarns are: Plymouth Yarn Encore Chunky, Loops & Threads Charisma, Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky, and Lion Brand Scarfie.


Q: Do you have a favorite crochet hook size/brand?

A: Yes I do. My favorite hook brands are Boye, Hero, and Clover Amour. My favorite hook sizes are J and K (6 and 6.5 mm). My hands hurt using really small hook sizes so I rarely write patterns using smaller hooks. In testing patterns, I have discovered that there can be a big discrepancy in gauge when using different brands of hooks, so I try to add notes to my patterns for those situations.


Q: Where do you buy most of your yarn?

A: I buy a lot of yarn online, most often from Joann's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Knit Picks, and sometimes ebay. Some other great online sources are WEBS, Yarnspirations, and Kraemer Yarns. I also purchase from my local yarn store (Knitting Knight), Joann's Fabrics, and Wal-mart.

Q: Which patterns of yours do you recommend for beginners?

A: I recommend the following patterns: Ava Sun Hat, Dream Weaver Beanie, Pinwheel Beanie, Puppy Hat, Bella Slouch with Bobble Bow, Samantha Slouch, Katrina Ribbon Cloche, and the Taryn Hat. Others that include a slip stitch ribbing but are still quite easy are the Nordic Beanie and the Kaycee Ponytail or Messy Bun Beanie.

Q: What sizes do your patterns include?

A: I almost always write my hat patterns in at least 5 sizes, from baby to adult. Some come in as many as 7-8 sizes. I do not charge separately for different sizes like some designers do, so you get more value for your money. (By the way, although a lot of my patterns show a baby in the photo, check the sizes....most go all the way up to adult size!)

Q: Do you provide assistance with your patterns?

A: Absolutely, email me any time at I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. While you are waiting to hear back from me, you can also check this forum on Ravelry for answers to pattern questions: If you do NOT hear back from me within 48 hours, please send me another message.

Q: Why is gauge important when following a pattern? (Or why does my hat come out smaller/larger than it is supposed to?)

A: Everyone crochets with a different tension, I sometimes use different tensions even within the same pattern which is why I will include in the directions “crochet loosely” or “crochet tightly”. If the size of your finished item does not match the size you were making, this means your gauge is different than mine, it does not mean the pattern is wrong. All that you have to do is change your hook size until it matches the gauge provided. It is also very important to pay attention to the yarn listed for a pattern. Different brands of yarn can vary widely, even for the same “weight”. For example, Red Heart Super Saver and Caron Simply Soft yarns are both considered “worsted weight” but are totally different in size. I crochet somewhat tightly, so a lot of people have to go down in hook size to match my gauge. If your project comes out too large, keep this in mind so you can adjust your gauge.

Q: What exactly is gauge (or tension)?

A: A pattern gauge is the number of stitches and rows in a given measurement, preferably 4 inches wide by 4 inches tall. A good crochet pattern will list the yarn and hook size used to achieve the finished size with the gauge provided. The “tension” is how tightly (or loosely) you crochet your stitches. You can practice with your tension if you need to loosen or tighten up to match gauge, or you can just change the size of your hook.

Q: Can I sell items I make from your patterns?

A: Absolutely! If you list them online, I will always appreciate a note saying where you purchased the pattern, but it’s not required. I have been known to give free patterns to people who link to me though. :)

Q: How can I get free crochet patterns?

A: If you provide professional photos of my patterns on a model that I can use in my pattern listings (with the photographer’s permission of course), then I will give a free pattern of your choice. For more details, see this page:

Q: How do you send your patterns?

A: All of my patterns are now available as instant downloads, with the exception of the pattern packs. The pattern packs are sent through Ravelry because if there is ever a revision or update to the pattern, I can easily send the update to all the people who have purchased that pattern through Ravelry’s website.

Q: Do you give refunds for patterns?

A: No, I’m sorry. Due to the nature of patterns, once they are emailed, there are no refunds or exchanges. Please read the pattern listing carefully for level of difficulty and materials needed. If you have purchased a duplicate pattern (you bought the same pattern twice accidentally), you may choose another pattern of equal value to replace the duplicate.

Q: Do you put your patterns on sale?

A: I have permanent sales on both Etsy and Ravelry. On Etsy, you can purchase pattern packs in lots of 3, 5, 10, or 15 patterns for a discount. On Ravelry, you can add 5 patterns ($4.95 each) to your cart and use the coupon code ‘pick5’ and get $5 off your entire purchase. For other offers, please follow my facebook page at, I post coupons there quite frequently.

Q: How long does it take to receive a pattern I buy on Etsy?

A: All patterns are now available as instant downloads, even on Etsy! The only exceptions are the pattern packs, which must still be emailed. These will usually be emailed within 24 hours. If you do not see an email within 24 hours, please email me at with the name of the pattern, the date you bought it, and which website you purchased from. (The easiest way for me to check your order on Etsy is when you send me a convo directly from your order, using the "contact" button.)

Q: I need my pattern right away, can I get an instant download?

A: Yes. Unless you are purchasing a pattern pack, your pattern purchase will be an instant download on any of the websites (as soon as payment clears).


Q: Do you provide video links for special techniques or stitches?

A: Yes. In my patterns, if I use a special stitch or technique, I always try to include a video link to help demonstrate that technique. Below are the two most important techniques that I recommend learning, they are extremely useful and used in many of my patterns.

Magic Ring:

Invisible Join:


Q: Do you offer video tutorials for your patterns?

A: No, I'm sorry but I do not make videos for my patterns at this time. Almost all of my designs are intended for an intermediate skill level. Crocheters at this skill level should already be familiar with most of the techniques used and should be comfortable following a written pattern using a standard format (I follow guidelines from the Craft Yarn Council, see below). When I design a pattern using trickier stitches or techniques that aren't easily described with written instructions, I do include mini photo tutorials to help guide you through the tricky sections (you can also email me with any specific questions). If you are just learning to crochet (or if you are a visual learner) there are many designers that specialize in providing "how to" video tutorials (I highly recommend Marly Bird and Moogly).


Q: Do you have any tips to help me follow a written crochet pattern?

A: Yes. Please see the "How to Read a Crochet Pattern" page on the Craft Yarn Council website.


Q: What is included in the cost of your patterns?

A: The cost of each pattern covers my time spent designing and testing the pattern in multiple sizes, taking and editing photos, writing and editing the written pattern, and taking the time to have my pattern tested by professional testers to ensure that all instructions are clearly and accurately explained. I provide professional PDFs in a clear ad-free format.